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Gilman Indiegogo campaign LAUNCHED!


The 924 Gilman Indiegogo campaign is live!

One of our 1st major events is joining with UnderCover Presents for a tribute to Green Day’s Dookie. It features local musical groups from different genres covering one song each from the album for both a recording and live performance- including Gilman faves La Plebe, Love Songs, Tilt, & Skank Bank!

You can DONATE NOW thru the 924 Gilman Indiegogo & get an intriguing assortment of rewards for your donation. These include such goodies as:
  • Gilman Ally tickets with an exclusive Gilman shirt, the 14-band Dookie cover recording, & admission to the exclusive after-show party!
  • Advance regular tickets without any of those lovely “convenience fees”
  • An original piece of artwork by Richie Bucher, who drew the cover of the Dookie album
  • Singing lessons from the super-talented vocalist of MoeTar
  • A bicycle tour of East Bay punk sites led by Corbett Redford, director of the upcoming documentary Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk, and Kamala Parks co-founder of Gilman’s location in 1986
  • An exclusive 924 Gilman T-shirt produced only for this event
  • … and so much more!
UnderCover presents the Green Day "Dookie" tribute February 19, 2016 at the Fox Theater, Oakland CA

UnderCover presents the Green Day “Dookie” tribute February 19, 2016 at the Fox Theater, Oakland CA

Green Day got their start at 924 Gilman and it seems only appropriate to begin our fundraising in earnest with this event. The live performance will take place on February 19th, 2016 at the Fox Theater in Oakland. More information about the participating bands can be found at


  1. Need any more bands to pay tribute? Free The Jester from Spokane Washington would be honored.

  2. Hello. I’m a producer, recording, mixing and mastering engineer from Detroit Michigan. I just moved to Sacramento CA. I’d be more than happy to donate some of my time to record some of these bands. Feel free to check out my portfolio of music that I’ve produced and recorded

    Dookie is the main reason I play music, and have a job recording and producing bands! Let me know if I could be of some assistance. 🙂

    My email is

    • Thanks! The bands were all recorded in the fall here in Berkeley @ Fantasy Studios! Feel free to contact the bands directly to offer your services. Rock on! Jesse/924 Gilman

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