Help 924 Gilman

What Is 924 Gilman?

Gilman is an all-ages, non-profit, DIY, volunteer run, community space in Berkeley, California. You might have heard of Gilman from an interview of a band talking about their roots or the kid in your class who is playing a show with their new band at Gilman. The thing that sticks out about Gilman is that you don’t have to be a band that draws hundreds of people, you could be just starting out and needing a place to play. Gilman has utmost respect towards bands, new or old, because they keep the scene going.

Also, you can make a difference or help out or learn something new by volunteering at Gilman. Whether it be by going to a show and helping out at the front door, attending Membership Meetings – which are every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month at 5PM, or even helping promote a show or a fundraising event. You can be anybody and still be a part of the community. Gilman also supports things other than music in the scene, such as art, film, martial arts, and more. To volunteer at Gilman, come to a Membership Meeting or a show and ask what you can do.


tl;dr- An All-Ages, Non-Profit, Music & Art Community Space Since 1986.