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Committee Members

There are 7 members of the Gilman Fundraising Committee. Jeff Armstrong, Alex Botkin, Tuesday Faine, Alexis Jarreau, Tyler Jarreau Legarda, Shayne Stacy, and Emerson Steinhauer. Below is some information about them!

My name is Jeff Armstrong and I am the treasurer, and a damned capable one at that. I wear an Oakland A’s hat often, but I secretly love the Giants. I have a massive vinyl collection and love kittens, but I hate the dog hair on my records. I have volunteered for Gilman longer than most attendees have been alive. I’m tired.

My Name is Alex Botkin and I am a punk rock renaissance man at 25 years old. I am in 5 bands, I run a record label(Lavasocks) and released more records than I can count, I was the guy who made The Lookouting fest a reality, and have toured the US (multiple times) and Europe in 2019. I plan to be the first head of a major record company while somehow keeping it DIY. I never sleep.

My name is Alexis Jarreau and I am the headmaster. I am the face & voice of Fundraising to the 924 Membership community and the public, due to my friendly, bubbly, outgoing nature. I enjoy doing 10 things at once while driving around and taking conference calls on my speaker phone.

Emerson Steinhauer and Tuesday Faine are two supercharged peas in this Gilman shaped pod. Along with being involved with the fundraising board, Tuesday is head of security at Gilman, as well as working as a coordinator and sound staff at the club, while Emerson is a head coordinator. These two juggle 3 nights at week at Gilman with the fundraising board, college, and work with enthusiasm and dexterity. They are avid music enthusiasts, musicians, animal lovers, food critics, and are commonly mistaken for siblings. Despite their mutual love for music, Tuesday is studying for an art degree while Emerson works slowly towards a business degree with the goal of being able to help facilitate more spaces like Gilman throughout California. Tuesday has been involved with Gilman for upwards of five years, while Emerson is making way through their third year with the club.

Tyler Jarreau Legarda oh no I don’t know Tyler well enough to make a funny! Um, Tyler rocks, he wears argyle socks and he spends his spare time playing Xbox

My name is Shayne Stacy and I run the online store, Patreon Campaign and fundraising section of the website. I’ve been going to Gilman since July 1987 and am one of the venue’s earliest videographers. Current hobbies are family, multicamera video, managing a mountain of video data and the website. I also enjoy food and returning stuff to Wal-Mart.

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