Help 924 Gilman

1st Annual Gilman Reunion & Block Party!

It was a great afternoon- thank you to everyone who came out!


Sunday October 11, Noon-4pm, Free, All Ages

This event will feature martial arts demonstrations, a free PHOTO BOOTH, record labels, book publishers, and other local businesses. We’ll offer tours of the 924 Gilman sound system with the Head of Sound (Q&A afterwards) at 1:45 & 3:15! Join DJs Tony-Two Tone, Jesse Luscious, and DJ Jeff Armstrong as they DJ your favorite tunes throughout the day!

Tag us at #gilmanblockparty

**** JUST CONFIRMED! Broken Guitars will be holding a silent auction at their booth during the street fair to benefit 924 Gilman! ****

Sunday October 11, 2015

Sunday October 11, 2015

Here’s the always-being-updated list of vendors!

Whether you’re a long-time Gilman patron or you’ve never set foot inside, now’s a great time to explore 924 Gilman and the surrounding community of small businesses, cool people, and fascinating weirdos!

Food! Fun! Art! Music! All for free!



If you’re interested in a booth for crafts, record labels, book publishers, zines, or other things, e-mail Jesse at jt02 at for more information. Tables are $25.